Soul gaze. Eye gaze.



2 thoughts on “Soul gaze. Eye gaze.

  1. Hi Zein. Beautiful photographs.
    I was just wondering if you had any difficulties approaching gypsies? I heard many people say that they don’t like to be photographed or filmed. Just wondering what the experience was like..?


    1. Thank you Soul Gaze for your message 🙂
      It is a challenge on its own to approach gypsies, as they are not all comfortable with taking photographs of them. I believe one needs to create a relationship first with the sitter , and then take the photograph. I go there a few times before without a camera, and then i tell them that i iwll bring it with me next time and take a few photos. I keep going back and forth, printing their photos and returning them and so on. It works nicer this way.
      I would not want them to feel that i only came to take a photo and then i disappear.

      I create a strong frienship between us .

      Since i a woman, i feel it has been easier to get access to them. Even the men would feel more comfortable.

      I did get people especially the mid aged mothers would say no.. but it is usually the case because of their husbands.

      its always a work in progress, patience and a pure intension is always needed.
      Please let me kow if you have any other questions 🙂




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