Mama Africa :)

I was a human with raw emotions.

I was alive.

I felt existence.

Breathed it all in, Loved it all out.

Diversity is a gift from the earth; where I unravel each layer of the earth in-search for new visions, concepts, languages, cultures, humans, trees, mountains, and life.

I always felt I have a deep connection with the Earth. While Hiking up to the roof of Africa; Kilimanjaro, at 5895m above sea level, was by far the most memorable and moving experience that fused the spiritual and physical feat together in a dance of senses. Being there in complete harmony and equilibrium with the entire world; somehow the music became louder, the vision became clearer and the smell of the earth more pungent, heightening all senses.

The African people will always have a place in my heart. In fact, it is more than a place, it is a cocoon that would protect, shelter, and nurture you till you melt into one that finds serenity, peacefulness and abundance of pure love.




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